Our Company

Who We Are

Cold Air Distributors Warehouse of Florida Inc. was founded in 1962 by Marvin Mastroff. Marvin, with the support from his wife Elinor, started as a wagon jobber in Miami, driving from service station to service station selling automotive parts. Then known as “Marv’s Auto Parts”; the company consisted of a step van, a modest inventory, and a man with an idea; “To provide the best possible service, knowledge, and pricing to professional automotive technicians”.

In 1963, he became interested in automotive air conditioning, an industry still in its infancy. After attending an Air Conditioning convention in Dallas and learning how to sell A/C parts, Marvin went to A/C classes at the local tech school for training on A/C repair.

Ready to sell and help his customers, Marvin changed the company’s name to Cold Air Distributors and focused on the air conditioning replacement parts market. He stocked his wagon and continued to work on the road. In the evenings, he taught automotive A/C to his customers in Dade and Broward counties right in their own facilities.

After 2 years of stocking parts in his own garage, Marvin leased an 800 sq. ft. building in South Miami. With A/C parts sales dropping in the winter, Marvin slowly expanded the inventory to include radiators, water pumps and other non- A/C parts. 50 years later, the rest of the story is history.

Today, Cold Air Distributors has expanded to 19 locations, a 180,000 sq. ft. main warehouse and corporate office located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Marvin’s legacy and dreams of expansion continue with Elinor and his son, Russell Mastroff, who has been running the company since 1999. Russell has over 40 years of experience working at Cold Air, from stocking shelves and managing a store to President and CEO.

To help Russell and Elinor with the day to day operations of the company are Kerry Humphreys, General Manager; Pat Elliott , Computer Systems; Bill Osteen, Warehouse Manager; Gina Ward, Office Manager and Ken Bates, Inventory Manager. That’s well over 150 years of automotive experience to see the company flourish for another half century!